Our Company

OnCourse Learning Financial Services, formerly TrainingPro is now part of OnCourse Learning.

OnCourse Learning is an e-learning partner that empowers companies and professionals to improve, achieve and aspire. As the national leader in mortgage education, we are committed to providing superior educational programs and services to mortgage professionals nationwide.OnCourse Learning Financial Services, formerly TrainingPro’s powerful training platform has been strategically developed using proven innovative technology to provide cutting-edge training programs while also allowing for the flexibility necessary to evolve with the changing and growing needs of our clients. As your education provider, we will provide the expertise and the resources necessary to meet all educational and compliance needs..

Our solutions give you the tools you need to win more business, helping your employees communicate clearly, overcome objections, foster satisfied customers and drive increased revenues. We understand that no two customers are alike. Our dedicated, knowledgeable account and support staff are at your side every step of the way. They collaborate with you to fully understand your customers, your business and your objectives, providing well-established and trusted solutions to help your organization succeed.

Our Story

In early 2000, Advanced Education Systems, LLC, a continuing education provider for mortgage, title, life and health professionals expanded its course delivery platform to include web-based training. Located on the web at www.TrainingPro.com, this program gained immediate attention from mortgage, finance and insurance professionals. It enabled users across the country to complete continuing education requirements online from any location at anytime, eliminating the travel expenses formerly required to attend live classroom training. Advanced Education Systems also introduced its corporate tracking and reporting system, which has been widely regarded by compliance professionals across the country.

Around this same time, in response to the uncovering of unethical practices throughout the mortgage industry, new federal and state regulations were being implemented. A key component of this initiative was the introduction of continuing education requirements for mortgage brokers. Industry professionals looked to Advanced Education Systems to fulfill this need.

With the growing popularity of the e-learning platform, Advanced Education Systems began doing business as OnCourse Learning Financial Services, formerly TrainingPro in early 2002. The company recognized its expanding position and has grown into the national leader in mortgage education.

OnCourse Learning Financial Services, formerly TrainingPro’s current client base includes over 100,000 clients and has serviced eight of the top ten mortgage companies. OnCourse Learning Financial Services, formerly TrainingPro has built strong relationships with numerous national companies and organizations including various state mortgage broker and lender associations.

In 2007, OnCourse Learning Financial Services, formerly TrainingPro was acquired by OnCourse Learning as it deepened its position in the regulatory education industry. OnCourse Learning delivers licensure, regulatory, and compliance education solutions throughout the nation’s leading industries including financial services, healthcare and real estate.