TrainingPro is Your Mortgage Exam Authority! Choose TrainingPro for Your Mortgage Exam Prep Needs and Prepare for the New National and State Test Requirement!

Mortgage loan originators across the country are now required to pass a national and state exam to conduct business. This includes existing mortgage loan originators and new ones as well. This new requirement is mandated by the federal Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act (the S.A.F.E. Act), which was passed in 2008.

Mortgage exam prep materials are now available through TrainingPro, the trusted mortgage education resource who has been training the mortgage industry for a decade.

TrainingPro has taken mortgage exam prep to a new level. We are pleased to introduce to the mortgage industry a formula for successful test taking. TrainingPro introduces the Ax5 Formula for S.A.F.E. National Mortgage Loan Originator Test Preparation.

TrainingPro is very excited to introduce the Ax5 Formula to the industry as it adjusts to and transitions into this new licensing requirement. The Ax5 Formula can apply to every individual and help to guide them through successful test taking!

To date, the exam prep market for the mortgage industry has consisted of a menu of ala carte exam prep tools or individual courses meant to prepare students. As the national leader in mortgage education, TrainingPro has taken this concept a giant leap further and is ready to jump start exam preparation through its Ax5 Formula.

Prepare for your S.A.F.E. National Mortgage Loan Originator Test with TrainingPro!

  • Participate in our Ax5 Program, or
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