4 Hour OR SAFE Review of Oregon Mortgage Law (OIL)

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4 Credit Hours


4 Hour OR SAFE Review of Oregon Mortgage Law provides a review of the laws that impact mortgage activities in Oregon. In Module 1, students will spend two hours reviewing the Oregon S.A.F.E. Act, the Oregon Mortgage Lender Law, and the Oregon Administrative Rules. Students will examine the authority of the Department of Consumer and Business Services, definitions important for understanding the law, information on license qualifications and the application process, licensee responsibilities, and prohibited conduct. In Module 2, students will spend the remaining two hours of the course reviewing provisions of the law related to mortgages and trust deeds, the Oregon Mortgage Rescue Fraud Prevention Act, the Oregon Consumer Identity Theft Protection Act, provisions of the law related to interest and repayment restrictions, the Unlawful Trade Practices Act, and Oregon Real Estate Law. Students will be provided an overview of each of the laws as they pertain to mortgage licensees doing business in the state. This course meets the 4-hour Oregon-specific pre-licensing education requirement for loan originators and offers a thorough review of the information and laws that license applicants must understand in order to make, broker, or originate loans in compliance with Oregon law.

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